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Harry Judge (1929-2019).

Few people did more to influence Banbury’s development in the twentieth century than Harry Judge who was appointed headmaster of Banbury Grammar School in 1962, and went on to transform the town’s educational system, being designated  principal of Banbury School from 1967. He left the town in 1973 to direct the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Oxford, a post he held until 1988. He became one of the most respected educationalists of his time, sitting on numerous committees and commissions. Harry Judge’s family had roots in North Oxfordshire, although his father worked for the Great Western Railway and Harry was born and went to school in Cardiff before studying at Brasenose College, Oxford. He was a valued member of the committee of the Banbury Historical Society from 1963, and was elected a vice-president when he stood down. In 1977 he returned to Banbury to deliver to the Society a memorable lecture on ‘History, Politics and Education’. He described his time in Banbury in A Generation of Schooling: English Secondary Schools since 1944 (OUP, 1984). We extend the Society’s sympathy and best wishes to his widow and family.

BT (April, 2019)


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