Journal – "Cake and Cockhorse"

Our journal, "Cake & Cockhorse" was first published in 1959 and there have been 170 issues since then, with more than 500 articles on the history of Banbury and the surrounding area. The journal (appearing 2 or 3 times a year) goes free to all members and provides opportunities for our members to share their thoughts or the results of their own researches.

Volumes One to Fifteen can be accessed online: the index to all the articles September 1959 – Summer 2013, where you will also find a search facility.

Recent articles have been on such subjects as the Victorian Poor in Neithrop (awarded a prize by the British Association for Local History), the sad life of the second Earl of Downe (whose tomb is in Wroxton church), a Victorian recipe book and the pre-enclosure farming of Somerton.  Cake & Cockhorse is the place to start if you are thinking of researching a particular locality.  It is always good to find out if any previous work has been done..

Cake & Cockhorse is edited by Chris Day, 37 Gaveston Gardens, Hempton Road, Deddington, Oxon OX15 0NX.   He will be delighted to hear of any likely contributions to the journal and will be happy to discuss possible projects and their format.

If anyone would like hard copies of back issues (most of which are available, apart from the 1960s), email Margaret Little who will send these free in return for p&p (invoiced with supply) and a modest donation.


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