Cake & Cockhorse Volume 6

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Volume 6 - Autumn 1974 - Summer 1976
Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4
Issue 5 Issue 6
Complete Index to Names, Places and Subjects - Volume 6


Title Author Page
06-01-003 Tooley’s Boatyard J.B. Barbour 3
06-01-005 Shenington: The Village on the Shining Hill Nan Clifton 5
06-01-013 Aspects of Labouring Life: The Model Farm at Ditchley, 1856-1873 Pamela Horn 13
06-02-019 Working the Cut: Reminiscences of a Boatman Arthur Coles 19
06-02-030 James Sutton [d.1674]: A Presbyterian Preacher D.M. Barratt 30
06-03-039 Open Village: Victorian Middle Barton G.R. Stevenson 39
06-03-048 Sergeanty Tenure at South Newington E.R.C. Brinkworth 48
06-04-059 The Plush Industry in Shutford Vera Hodgkins 59
06-04-078 Religious Sects in Nineteenth Century Banbury: Some New Evidence B.S. Trinder 78
06-05-083 A Disputed Inheritance [John Webb and the Hawtyn family of Calthorpe, 1630s] J.S.W. Gibson 83
06-05-089 Superstition and Witchcraft in the Nineteenth Century Pamela Horn 89
06-06-107 The Estates of the Barony Saye and Sele in Pre-Revolutionary England Nelson Bard 107
06-06-122 Tudor Inspiration at Broughton Castle David Fiennes 122

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